Margaret O'Neal

Art teacher

Margaret O'Neal Bio

I was born many years ago in the city of Dallas at Florence Nightingale Hospital during the baby boom. After going to Kindergarten in Corpus Christi, I matriculated to first grade in Wilmington, Delaware at River Road Elementary. It was there I saw snow for the first time. We also got a poodle. For 5th grade we moved to Atlanta , Georgia, where my education continued and I knew for sure that math was not my subject. This would haunt me the rest of my school career. Thank goodness for private college where Spanish Literature was offered instead of math!! With many art classes under my belt and many summer school classes, I graduated from Mercer University and went to work as a 3rd grade teacher in Jeffersonville, Ga., making 12,000 dollars a year. I married another teacher and became a waitress in a Chinese restaurant in Statesboro, Georgia. My new husband could do math and had a crock pot! How I got to McKinney and Webb Elementary is a whole “nother” story!!!