Learning Commons

Welcome to the Valley Creek Elementary Learning Commons, formerly known as the Library Media Center.  Our new name represents the transition taking place to better accommodate the needs of  twenty-first century learners.  A Learning Commons is the place for experts and learners to come together to engage with information and each other.  Our mission is to ensure that students and staff are effective users and communicators of ideas and information, enabling them to be literate life-long learners.

The Valley Creek Learning Commons

  • provides flexible and equitable access to information, ideas, and resources as students engage in both group and independent study.
  • nurtures an interest in reading and appreciation of  literature through group instruction and individual guidance.
  • integrates information resources and skills in a meaningful context to meet a curricular objective.
  • models ethical use of information and technology resources and ideas.
  • fosters the involvement of and partnership with the whole school community: students, teachers, staff, administrators, parents, community members.
We look forward to serving our students as they grow in resource and technology literacy.