Putting the Fun in Physical Fitness!

Our Specials teachers work so hard to make their state standards and district curriculum engaging and exciting for all students, while also adapting activities for each grade level.  This team of teachers shares all 600 students here Slaughter!  Let’s take a look at what P.E. has been up to so far this year.

In October, students practiced field day stations, and had a wonderful Field Day!  5th Grade volunteers got the opportunity to receive special training and then take on leadership roles with the K-2 students.  Students also learned about fire safety and bowling in October. Coach K says, “We focused on aiming at a target, underhand rolling technique, and learning the basics of bowling. We talked about bowling being a lifelong sport since it can be done at any age and adapted for all ability levels.”

October wrapped up with Halloween themed stations that worked on balance and coordination. Students balanced as the spun on broomsticks, tossed rings onto a witch’s hat, boo bowled, passed floating ghosts to a partner, worked together to move on our zombie walkers, built haunted houses, learned the names and locations of our bones as they raced to build a skeleton, and made a potion as they relay raced eyeballs in skeleton hands to their team cauldron.

In November, students started Thanksgiving themed activities and focused on teamwork, defending, overhand throwing, aiming at a target, and having good sportsmanship. They played “Capture the Turkey” where 2 teams battled against each other in an effort to keep their turkey huts standing while trying to capture the other team’s turkeys by knocking down their huts. The turkey theme continued with the return of the annual Turkey Topple challenge. Our farmers worked to keep their turkeys safe in the wagons (pulled on a scooter) as they moved around fitness trail. Meanwhile our turkey hunters in the middle of the gym were working hard to load their catapults that flung balls in an effort to knock a turkey off their wagon. If a farmer lost their turkey, never fear! They could earn it back by doing a fitness activity and continue on their way. Students had a chance to rotate through all jobs. While having fun, students were able to work on cardiovascular endurance, dodging and protecting, aiming at a target, and muscular strength and endurance.

The final week of Turkey themed games brought us Turkey Tag! Again, lots of aerobic fitness, dodging, and a particular focus on following directions and having good sportsmanship even when things don’t go students’ way. Turkeys on scooters had a turkey feather attached to their tail and hunters tried to pull their turkey feather. If their feather was pulled, they were out and rotated the next turkeys in.

In December, students started winter/holiday themed lessons. The Grinch was in town for a week and PE’s elves were working hard to fill the sleigh with toys before the Grinch could steal them all! Fitness was the main objective: whenever an elf got a toy safely to their sleigh, there was an exercise assigned to each different toy that had to be done before another toy could be added.

Next up in December were Winter Games stations, which are always a favorite! Students ice skated on scarves, worked to knock down a giant ice wall, took their partners on a sleigh ride, turned each other into snow people, snowboarded on spooner boards, built gingerbread houses (sometimes 3 stories tall!), and tossed snowballs to their friends. PE classes also also played several rousing games Reindeer-Snowman-Gingerbreadman (similar to rock-paper-scissors).

The final week of winter themed games brought students to Snowman Wars (a return of the very popular and much requested capture the turkey game) revamped with snowman, gingerbread houses, and a fort wall separating the teams. It was a great way to kick off winter break!

Coming back refreshed from winter break, students jumped right into soccer skills stations in preparation for the 4 corner soccer game coming up in a few weeks. Students worked on controlling the ball, dribbling, passing, aiming a target, and defending.

Mid-year fitness assessment check-ins came next in order to see how we students are progressing with cardiovascular endurance. 2-5 will be doing PACER (2nd will be learning it for the first time!), and K-1 will do the very popular Heart and Sole aerobic endurance activity (running laps and counting your partners laps with popsicle sticks).

Students and our PE coaches are having fun while getting stronger!