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Application Process

  1. Complete and submit a Student Application
  2. The Dean of Students will review student applications and records.
  3. If the applicant is qualified, the Dean of Students will communicate with the student’s home school and build a reciprocal relationship, ensuring Serenity is the best placement after discussing the whole child.
  4. If the two schools believe the placement is appropriate, Serenity will refer the student for an assessment from a counseling/rehabilitation center and a clinical drug test.
  5. Once the assessment with a referral is received from the counseling/rehabilitation center, an interview and campus tour with the Dean of Students, parents/guardian and student is required to determine the level of commitment and appropriateness of placement.
  6. The Dean of Students will inform the parents/guardians and the home school of those accepted and not accepted into the program.
  7. Accepted families will need to complete online enrollment and paperwork.