Traci Warnock

4th Grade Teacher

Traci Warnock Bio

Hello! I am Traci Warnock and I’m very excited to be teaching fourth grade reading and social studies at Press for the 2021-2022 school year! Previously I have taught for Dallas ISD and Spring ISD. I have had the pleasure of working with diverse students groups including newcomers from kindergarten through fifth grade and reading in second and fourth grade. This year will be my third year teaching fourth grade and I couldn’t be more eager to meet my students and families.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a bachelor’s’ degree in psychology. I also graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Master’s in Education. As a teacher I believe we must always strive to learn more and work to develop as the world changes around us. This allows me to connect with my students and families as well as deliver lessons in a meaningful way that engages my students and makes them eager to learn more.

I came to Press Elementary because I am familiar with the community and I am eager to help the children who are growing up here to become the next leaders we look up to. I am not just teaching with who my students are in mind, I am also teaching with who they want to be in mind and the skills they will need to get there beyond 4th grade and even grade school. Some people dream of meeting their heroes, I teach mine!

I come from a large family of 6 children, so naturally I grew up testing every boundary I found and discovered my natural leadership abilities as I grew. I explored many areas of study as I grew up from life experience on a farm and ranch, high school clubs, traveling and then college where I truly discovered my passion for helping others learn. When I’m not wearing my teacher hat, I enjoy reading, movies, and spending free time with my three fur babies.

I just know this year is going to be super!