2nd Grade Research Links

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Penguin Websites:

Introduction to Penguins
Antarctic Food Web
Antarctic Penguins
Penguin Map
Penguins ARKive
Unusual Traits
Penguin World
Kid Connect Penguins
Brain Pop Penguins
Penguin Adaptations
Penguin Planet
Dangers for Penguins
Penguins around the world

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*Types of Penguins
Index of Types of Penguins
Penguin World
Penguin Species
All About Penguins
Antarctic Connection
Types of Penguins Portsmouth
National Geographic Penguins
Penguins of the World
Science Kids Penguins
Penguin List

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Specific Type of Penguins
Adelie Creature Feature
African Penguin
Adelie ARKive
African Penguin
African Penguins
African A-Z
Chinstrap Penguin
Chinstrap Video
Chinstrap Facts
Chinstrap Arkive
Emperor Creature Feature
Emperor Penguin
Emperor Videos
Emperor Penguins
Emperor Penguin Videos
Gentoo Penguin
Humbolt Penguins
Humbolt ARKive
Humbolt A-Z Animals
King Penguin Gallery
Little Blue Facts
Little Blue
Little Blue Penguin
Little Blue or Fairy
Little Penguin Videos
Macaroni Penguins
Macaroni ARKive
Macaroni A-Z Animals
Rockhopper Facts
Rockhopper Videos

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*Image Resources
Pics 4 Learning

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*Live Penguin Cameras
California Academy of Science
Emperor Penguin Cam