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Back to Face-2-Face on September 3

Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Information about Back to Face to Face school
Information about Back to Face to Face school

Hello Bulldog Parents,

With Thursday approaching there is a feeling that we are preparing for another first day of school all over again. Our teachers are excited for the long awaited return of our students, and are ready to see our Bulldogs back in the building. We also know that some of our students will continue to learn from home and we want to make sure the learning from home or school is as engaging and consistent as possible for all students. As many of our students return, we are also charged with the responsibility of putting plans in place to keep them and each of us safe. It is highly important for our students to remember to wear their mask and wash their hands with soap and water often. We have over 40 hand sanitizing stations placed throughout the building and athletic areas. Each classroom has been supplied with hand sanitizer for student use as well, but soap and water still works best. Below is a list of reminders, updated procedures, and expectations that will be necessary to make the return to school successful and safe for all students and staff. I ask that parents and students review this list together so there is no confusion on our campus expectations.

1. Masks – In accordance with all State guidelines and health and safety procedures all MISD students and staff are expected to wear a mask that meets CDC approval throughout the school day. Students may remove their masks when eating breakfast or lunch in the cafeteria. Use this link for information on How to Select, Wear, and Clean Your Mask. Please know that face shields are only approved for specific times in specific courses and are not approved for general wear throughout the school day.

2. Cafeteria Procedures – Breakfast and lunch will be served at normal times in the cafeteria. Tables have been arranged to provide for social distancing and seating at tables has been reduced to fewer seats per table. Students will not be allowed to push tables together or pull additional chairs up to tables. Microwaves will not be available for student use in the cafeteria. In the event that contact tracing may be necessary, each table will have a QR code for students to scan and record the table at which they were sitting for breakfast and lunch.

3. Lunch or Item Drop Off – To reduce visitors to the campus, we encourage students to purchase lunch from the cafeteria or to bring their lunch. In the event a student forgets their lunch or other items at home, we will have a drop-off station located in the vestibule outside of the front office. Parents will be buzzed in and given instructions to place lunch or other items on the drop off station. Students will need to pick up items between classes or on their way to lunch. Our front office staff is not responsible for contacting students about items left at the drop off station. Students are not allowed to leave class to pick up lunch or other items dropped off by a parent. We do not accept food deliveries for students directly from restaurants or third party vendors, only parents may drop off food. Additionally, students are not allowed to have Starbucks, Sonic, QT, or other “to-go” drinks in our building at any time. Refillable water bottles or water with screw tops are allowed in the building and classrooms.

4. Morning Arrival – Our campus has always had three arrival points for students in the morning, and that will not change this year. Students may enter through the main entrance, G Hall from the Student Parking lot, and the cafeteria entrance where buses drop off. As students arrive at school they will be allowed to wait in the cafeteria, the patio area outside of the cafeteria, or near the learning commons. To reduce wait time and increased numbers of students clustering together, our morning dismissal time to class will be moved up to 7:15 am instead of 7:20 am. Parents may drop off students at the main entrance or at G Hall in the Student Parking Lot. Every year the first few days of student drop off are difficult. We ask that everyone use patience and follow the guidelines for MNHS Student Drop Off-Pick Up . Please allow extra time for morning arrival. Our building opens for student arrival at 6:45 am and classes begin promptly at 7:30 am.

5. Transition times and passing periods – At this time, we are not implementing one way hallway traffic patterns. However, we do need students to understand the following expectations:

  • Students will not be allowed to stop, stand, and socialize in the hallway. They must continue to move from one classroom to the next.
  • Upon arrival to class they should remain in class. No classroom hopping.
  • When in the hallway students should keep their right shoulder as close to the wall as possible. This is to create a two way traffic pattern in every hallway and reduce clustering, regardless of the direction they are traveling.

6. Daily Meds for students – MISD guidelines prohibit students from carrying medication with them throughout the day. Parents must check medications in with our school nurse. The clinic will have an assigned area for students that need to take daily medications. Any questions about clinic procedures should be directed to our campus Nurse, Stephanie Martin. You may contact her via email at .

7. Visits to the House Office – Due to the size of our House Offices, we want to reduce the visits students might normally make to the House Office. Unless requested by the House Office, there is no reason for a student to leave class to go to their House Office. Each House Office will have a poster placed outside of their door with a QR code for requesting items that would typically require a student to enter the House Office. If students need support from their House Office, please remind them to go by the House Office during the passing period and use the QR codes on the poster to make their requests. If students or parents have questions for the House Principal, House Counselor or Secretary please use this link Administration / House Offices / McKinney North High School.

8. MNHS Learning Commons – At this time, student access to our MNHS Learning Commons will be limited to scheduled classroom visits. Students will not be allowed to print out documents in the Learning Commons unless they are there on a scheduled visit with their class.

9. Afternoon dismissal – Students must exit the building immediately at the end of the school day. If students are staying for tutorials, practices, or club meetings they must go directly to the assigned room or area. Students that ride the bus will exit the building through the main entrance to access buses. Students that drive or are picked up by parents must exit the building using any of the doors that face the student parking lot. All parent pick up in the afternoon is done in the student parking lot. Please check the MNHS Student Drop Off-Pick Up for more details.

10. Tutorials – Tuesday and Thursday are our primary days for tutorials. Tutoring buses will be available for students beginning on Thursday, September 10th. Students may schedule additional tutoring times with teachers.

11. Progress Reports – Friday, Sept. 4 is our first Progress Report. Please be sure to check HAC for updates on student progress in any class. It is important to remember that grades in Canvas are not the students official average for the class. HAC must be used to see all student grades and coursework. If parents or students have questions about grades they should contact the classroom teacher directly.

12. District Communications – MISD continues to update communications regarding health and safety precautions for our campuses. Please refer to our MISD Website and use the links provided for information. Coronavirus (COVID-19) .

13. Additional Information – links that will be helpful before the return to campus and as students are learning from home:

14. Canvas, Zoom, and HAC – Virtual learning has been a huge shift for all of us. However, our teachers have done an amazing job, even with all of the hiccups along the way. It is important for students and parents to remember that Canvas is our platform for online learning, as it has been for several years, and will continue to be in the face-to-face setting. All class activities, assignments and information are housed in Canvas. Please remember official grades are posted in HAC, not Canvas. Zoom is the platform we are using to connect and engage students at home with staff and students here on campus. HAC is our student management system where students and parents can access current grades, assignments, fees, and now busing information. For help with any of these systems we ask that you first try using the Technology webpage. You may also try HAC-Guide-for-Secondary-Parents.pdf or Student Help Desk .

15. Bus Transportation – MISD contracts with Durham Bus Services for all our MISD transportation needs. For information on transportation go to Bus Transportation and then scroll down the page to Routes.

While this email has been a long list of procedures and expectations for our students and their return to campus, please know that our teachers will be doing everything they can to support both face-to-face and virtual learners. We do ask for patience and understanding as we make another drastic shift in the way we provide instruction for all students. On Thursday and Friday teachers will be reacclimating students back to the classroom while still continuing to provide engaging instruction for all. We also know that for our incoming 9th graders and our new students, this will be their first time to access our building. Our staff is ready to help students navigate the hallways and provide assistance if needed. Students may print out their schedule of classes from HAC or use the app on their phone to find room assignments for all classes. We are looking forward to our “second” first day of school and an amazing school year. Thank you again for your patience, support and partnership with us.

Looking forward to Thursday,

Jae Gaskill