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Bike and Scooter Rodeo

Bike and Scooter Rodeo
October 8, 2021
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All Day Event
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Mark your calendars!

Please join us for 7th Annual Bike Safety Rodeo at Minshew Elementary on Thursday, October 7th and Friday, October 8th during all PE classes. This program teaches our kids about helmet- wearing guidelines and how to stay safe when riding bikes and scooters. Please make sure to send/bring your child’s bike/scooter WITH a helmet on the day that they will be attending the bike rodeo. You will be receiving a flyer with their day listed on it. They can be dropped off morning of or the afternoon before. All bikes/scooters will need to be picked up by Friday afternoon. Make sure to mark your child’s name and class on their bike/scooter.

Consider volunteering to help during the Bike Rodeo. Lunch will be provided for volunteers on both days.

Specifically, we need help:

  • Unloading bikes/scooters in the mornings in the back of the school
  • Ensuring student helmets fit properly
  • Running the obstacle course in the back parking lot
  • Making sure all bikes/scooters are safe, including raising/lowering seats, tightening loosebolts, inflate tires
  • Loading bikes in the afternoons in the back of the school

    You must have completed a background check before volunteering during school hours. Follow this link to submit your volunteer application https://www.mckinneyisd.net/human-resources/ volunteer/
    Once you have submitted your volunteer application, go to our website to sign up for a Ume to volunteer. hJps://minshewpta.membershiptoolkit.com/Volunteer

    Thank you for volunteering your Ume to help make this Bike Rodeo an amazing event for our students!