General Parking Guidelines:

McKinney High School expects all drivers to remain safe a courteous at all times. Student parking is reserved for the parking lot south of the campus along Graves Street and Wilson Creek Parkway in the front of the school. All students need to have a parking permit in order to park on campus. Parking permits will be sold during lunches for the first 2-3 weeks of school in August for a cost of $60.00 (payment made to MHS). The north parking lot is reserved for staff and buses only during the hours of 6:30 am – 3:30 pm. The student drop off area is along the front drive and can be accessed off Wilson Creek Parkway. The parking lot on the southwest side of campus off of Graves Street is reserved for staff parking.

Senior Parking Guidelines:

  1. Purchase a MHS parking permit for $60.00 (payment made to MHS) AND a senior parking permit for $60.00 (payment made to Traditions Committee). Bring completed senior parking packet and a sketch of your proposed design. The design may not exceed the parking space outline and it must be school appropriate.
  2. Your name will then be placed in a “hat” for drawing purposes on August 16th.
  3. Purchase concrete appropriate paint in the approved colors (navy blue, yellow, white and black) along with any paintbrushes or other supplies you might need. We recommend you sweep off your spot before you paint.
  4. In the MHS student parking lot on August 16th at 7:00am, after final approval of the parking contracts and designs, a MHS Traditions Committee Member will draw names for seniors to then select their parking space. When your name is drawn you will at that time be able to select your parking space and begin painting. You or your designee must be present to select your space.
  5. Painting must be completed by 10:00 pm on August 24th.
  6. At the end of the school year students will be required to paint over the design in approved paint.

Download and complete the Senior Parking Contract and Senior Parking Space Sketch.

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