One 2 the World

One 2 the World Handbook

One 2 the World is a District-wide initiative to equip students with technology tools to give them access to the world of information from anywhere at anytime. This first year of the implementation will put MacBook Air Laptops in the hands of every Freshman student in MISD. For complete information, please refer to the One 2 the World Handbook

Solutions for MacBook Problems

Entering a Help Desk Ticket
To enter a Help Desk support ticket, click the link below. You will be prompted for your username (your student ID) and your MISD password. Enter a ticket by clicking on “Submit New Ticket.” Please be as detailed as possible in the description of your problem and include your telephone number and email address in the ticket.

Click here to enter a Help Desk support ticket.

Many of the questions the Help Desk receives can be resolved by visiting the MISD “Self Help” page.

Click here to go to the Student Self Help Center.

Topics addressed on the Student Self Help Center include Zoom, login/password issues, hardware/software questions, printers, proxy questions and FAQs.

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