Our Program

McGowen Elementary delivers a distinctive, challenging and enriched educational experience to kindergarten-5th grade students. Our school prepares students for the challenges of a broad middle school and high school curriculum.

Student involvement
Extracurricular activities allow students to become involved in specific areas of interest and to apply what they are learning in school to this activity. Student involvement in these programs helps develop well-rounded students while building self-esteem and self-discipline. They will carry these skills with them long after graduation as they transition into higher education and career pursuits.
Exciting programs and activities at McGowen Elementary:

  • Club 360
  • “McGowen’s Got Talent” Talent Show
  • Chess Club
  • Rubik’s Cube Club
  • Art Reflections
  • Drama Club

Elementary Education in MISD
Building a strong academic and social foundation is paramount at the elementary level. For this reason, McKinney ISD teachers and staff are committed to teaching the “whole child” in our elementary schools. The elementary curriculum is consistent from campus to campus, ensuring a high quality education regardless of the school, yet allowing teachers the latitude to develop innovative strategies that are tailored to the individual child.

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