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Marshal Traditions

McClure Pledge

I am a McClure Marshal

That’s who I am!

I do my best each day

I am a listener, learner, and leader

Because that is the McClure Way

I show respect, I am kind

And I Love to challenge my mind

I am a McClure Marshal

That’s who I am!

McClure Marshal School Song

McClure Grade Level Traditions

  • Camp Kindergarten and Fairy Tale Ball
  •  1st Grade Pioneer Days
  • 2nd Grade Living Museum
  • 3rd Grade Fern’s Fair
  • 4th Grade Writing Camp and Mad Scientists
  • 5th Grade Decades

McClure Annual Highlights:

  • Monthly Stampede
  • Science Fair
  • Fall Carnival
  • Fun Run
  • Veteran’s Parade
  • Thanksgiving Lunch
  • Programs & Awards