Parent Survey

Malvern Elementary

A Survey to Assess Schools’ Effectiveness in Partnering with Families

Families can have an important, positive impact on the school’s ability to deliver quality education when they are valued, their contributions are sought and integrated into the school decision making, and collaboratively plan and deliver services aimed at higher student achievement. For this reason, this survey has been created to develop a dialogue between Malvern families and the school to arrive at a shared accountability approach with a focus on the academic achievement of children.

Please take the time to complete this survey which will enable us to access our school’s effectiveness in partnering with families and in planning for the future.

The questions used in this survey were developed from the literature on partnering with communities and families. They are clustered around four domains:

1. Student Achievement

– The level of performance of all students and the degree that the family was involved in activities contributing to academic success.

2. Access and Equity

– Adjustments and modifications made to ensure that all parents are meaningfully participating in school decisions and activities.

3. Organizational Support

– The degree to which the school provides support, resources, and facilities to make effective partnerships with families happen.

4. Quality of Interaction

– The degree to which school staff are successful in interacting and establishing effective partnership relationships with families.

Malvern’s Family and Community Engagement Survey (Spring 2021)