Sherry Watson

FAC Aide

Sherry Watson Bio

I was born in McKinney, Texas, Where I am the proud child of Mr and Mrs Bobby Mack. I have four brothers, and five sisters. I have lived in McKinney all my life.

I have worked in the school district for almost six years, I’m married with one child and two grandkids. We just bought a house in Melissa, Texas. I love to walk, and run for exercise. My other hobbies are attending church. I love fashion. My friends and family label me as a fashionista which is cool with me because I will continue to dress the part. I love being around people who are true and unique and build others up. I enjoy working with kids because they bring so much out of a person especially when I see there is a challenge for me to work towards to make a difference where I can use it in my own personal life. I am a person who appreciates what God has for me and others and wants others to strive for their purpose in life. And to always be the best you. You can be and not be a copy of someone else’s life, to always try to compliment with a true heart, and to always remember if you can’t say something nice about someone just pause and say to yourself I’m not perfect either. We are all here for a purpose, and for that purpose show love and kindness.