Friday Live Alternative Specials Schedule

Friday Live Specials Schedule – September – April

8:10-8:50AM              4th Grade 

8:55-9:35AM              2nd Grade

9:40-10:20AM           3rd Grade

10:25-11:05AM          5th Grade

11:45AM-12:25PM    Kindergarten

12:30-1:10PM             1st Grade

1:15-1:55PM                Specials’ Conference

2:10PM                        Classes walk to the gym

2:15PM                         Friday Live begins


Friday Live Specials Schedule – May 20

8:20AM                 Classes walk to the gym

8:30AM                 Friday Live begins

9:45-10:15AM       4th Grade Specials

10:20-10:50AM    2nd Grade Specials

10:55-11:25AM      3rd Grade Specials

11:30-12:00PM      May Creed Lunch – front of school

11:30-12:00PM      5th Grade Specials

12:05-12:35PM       Specials Lunch

12:40-1:10PM         Kindergarten Specials

1:15-1:45PM            1st Grade Specials