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Friday Live & Alternative Specials Schedule/Creed Lunch

Friday Live Specials Schedule – September – April

8:10-8:50AM 4th Grade 

8:55-9:35AM 2nd Grade

9:40-10:20AM 3rd Grade

10:25-11:05AM 5th Grade

11:45AM-12:25PM Kindergarten

12:30-1:10PM 1st Grade

1:15-1:55PM Specials’ Conference

2:00PM Classes begin coming to Gym

2:15PM Friday Live


Friday Live Specials Schedule – May

8:15AM               Classes begin walking to the Gym

8:30AM                May Friday Live begins

9:45-10:15AM         4th Grade Specials

10:20-10:50AM       2nd Grade Specials

10:55-11:25AM       3rd Grade Specials

11:30-12:00PM May Creed Lunch

11:30-12:00PM         5th Grade Specials

12:05-12:35PM        Specials Lunch

12:40-1:10PM           Kindergarten Specials

1:15-1:45PM            1st Grade Specials


September Respect:  Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule, be considerate of the feelings of others.

Academic Focus:  Kindergarten/5th Grade

Sept 25:  Friday Live 

Sept 28:  Creed lunch @ 10:30AM


October Responsibility:  Do what you are supposed to do.

Academic Focus: 4th Grade

Oct 30:  Friday Live 

Nov 2:  Creed lunch @ 11:00AM


November Citizenship:  Do your share to make your school and community better.

Academic Focus: 3rd Grade

Nov 13:  Friday Live 

Nov 16: Creed lunch @ 11:30AM


December Caring for Others:  Be kind, be compassionate and show you care by 

expressing gratitude.  

Dec 18:  Holiday Live 

Jan 5: Creed lunch @ 12:00PM


January Fairness: Play by the rules, take turns, share, be open minded, listen to others, and treat all people fairly.

Academic Focus: Specials Team

Jan 29:  Friday Live

Feb 1:  Creed lunch @ 12:30PM 


February Trustworthiness:  Be honest, reliable, and have courage to do the right 


Academic Focus: 1st Grade

Feb 26:  Friday Live

March 1:  Creed lunch @ 1:00PM 


March Perseverance:  Be steadfast in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Academic Focus: 2nd Grade

March 26:  Friday Live 

March 29:  Creed Lunch @ 10:30AM 


April Manners:  Your outward way of behaving towards others. 

Academic Focus:  SPED

April 30:  Friday Live 

May 3:     Creed lunch @ 11:00AM 


May Encouragement:  Your words and actions in giving someone support, 

confidence, or hope.

Academic Focus:  Learning Commons/Office Team

May 21:  Friday Live

May 21:  Creed lunch @ 11:30AM