Learning Commons

Welcome to the Library!

At Lawson, our students visit the library every other week for learning time with our librarian, Mrs. McKee. They select one or more books to take home and return them before their next library visit. Parents are encouraged to visit our library often to check out books with and for their Lawson Sea Lions. Mrs. McKee has also recently started our “Library-on-the-Go” cart at the front of the school during midday and afternoon dismissals so that parents can quickly check out a few books “on the fly” without having to sign in to visit the library. Books can also be returned when finished during “Library-on-the-Go” times.

So much research points to the importance of reading with and to children of all ages. Even just having access to books in their homes puts them in a better position to succeed in school. Please visit our library as often as you can to choose books to read with your child. Reading makes all the difference, and it’s just plain fun!