• 2017 - 2018 Glen Oaks Staff
      • Kindergarten Team From top to bottom: Robin Richardson*, Angela Sattler, Vicki Nance and Ashley Jackson *Team Leader
      • First Grade Team Back row from left to right Stacey Parker, Kati Nash, Theresa Walters and Becca Stepler* In front Morgan Hammonds, student teacher *Team Leader
      • 2nd Grade Team First Row - Ally Davis Second Row - K'Lee McKinney (student teacher), Kelley Merriman, Sarah Oldham (student teacher) Third Row - Robyn Foreman Fourth Row - Veronica Trainor* *Team Leader
      • 3rd Grade Team First Row - An Whiteman Second Row - K'Lee McKinney (student teacher), Kimberley Barr (long term sub for Emily Welch), Allyssa Boley* Third Row - Denise Bolsinger Fourth Row - Laura Harkey *Team Leader
      • 4th Grade Team From top to bottom Sandy Dobberfuhl, Lindy Carter, Allison Way*, Monique Siracuse *Team Leader
      • 5th Grade Team First Row - Susie Swift Second Row - Sarah Oldham (student teacher), Morgan Hammonds (student teacher) Third Row - Deanna Reynolds Fourth Row - Susan Dickson* Fifth Row - Amanda McLuckie *Team Lead
      • Office Team First Row - Kati Green, Counselor Second Row - Annette Zimmer, Nurse; Molly Hovan, Principal; Lisa Taylor, Registrar; Kim Luyster, Assistant Principal Third Row - Suzie Shackelford, Office Manager/Secretary Fourth Row - Theresa Weishaar, Office Assistant
      • Specials Team & Learning Commons Team First Row - Kayla Meadows - P.E. Coach, Debbie Taylor - Music Teacher* Second Row - Melinda Foster - Learning Commons Assistant, Wendy Dickerson - Media Resource Specialist*, Cassie Appleby - Art Teacher *Team Lead
      • Special Education Team First Row - Jennifer Cornelius, Lauren Legleiter, Jennifer Coffin, Lish Oliveira Second Row - Crystal Stephens Third Row - Janina Coiro* Fourth Row - Amanda Pales, Jennifer McConahey, Kendra Ganey *Team Leader
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Glen Oaks Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower each student to live, learn and lead in a global society through purposeful experiences in a nurturing environment that fosters independent thinking and problem solving and is supported by the collaboration of  students, staff, families, and the community.