Finch Elementary Family Night
Finch Elementary Family Night

Parent Resources

Finch Elementary encourages parent engagement and participation in all that we do, and we hope that every student’s family will make a commitment to become involved in his or her education and in supporting our campus.

How to become involved at Finch Elementary

  • Join our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
  • Volunteer at Finch – Volunteer Forms  
  • Attend our family learning activities-  Family Reading Game Night, Science and Technology Night, and Math Game Night  (Specific dates are included on the campus calendar)
  • Participate in the Fall and Spring Finch Fitness Festivals (Specific dates are included on the campus calendar)
  • Attend student programs and assemblies (specific dates are included on the campus calendar)

Important Parent Information Resources

  • Communities in Schools  Finch is fortunate to have Raul Ferrer, a Communities in Schools case manager, on our campus. The Communities in Schools Mission is: “Surrounding students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.”  Communities In Schools (CIS) is a non-profit organization committed to helping students stay in school, achieve academically and graduate to become productive and contributing members of our communities. CIS is part of the largest stay-in-school network in the nation, and the leading program of its kind.  For more information about CIS programs or to request CIS services contact:  Raul Ferrer , Campus Manager , 469-302-5694

Communication Information
Communication is important at Finch.  Since Finch is a bilingual campus, all communication to parents is provided in English and Spanish.  Our methods of communication include:

  • Weekly communication from the teacher by newsletter, e-mail or Parent Link calls let parents know what is going on in the classrooms.
  • The campus newsletter, Falcon Focus, is sent home weekly  and is posted on the Finch website
  • Written flyers and communication are sent home in Wednesday Folders.
  • Reminders and information about important events are communicated as needed through Parent Link calls.
  • Parent conferences and curriculum nights communicate academic expectations.
  • The Finch Website is an important method of communication.  Current activities, resource information, contact information, campus calendars,  teacher wikis and websites, and weekly newsletters from the office are just a few of the resources located on the Finch website.