Ruben Lopez from Finch Elementary chosen as the Elementary Teacher of the Year 1st Runner-Up

Mr. Lopez a 5th Grade Bilingual Teacher for the last three years, was recently selected at the McKinney ISD Elementary Teacher of the Year Runner-Up. Here are some of this thoughts on education and teaching:

“As a bilingual instructor teaching at a Title I campus, I feel that my biggest contribution to education has been my ability to extend common bonds beyond the classroom. I can connect with my students on a cultural level and serve as a living example of a successful person who looks like them and who has experienced many of the same struggles. “I use my experiences to help set up my students for success. I take into account my students’ needs when designing instruction. As a Hispanic male, I serve as a tangible example of success. I feel like an accomplished teacher, not just when my students pass tests, but also when they embrace their culture and the power of education.